I Can Shine

Empower every child to reach their potential and shine!

Based on extensive research in Spain, and in complete alignment with the new curriculum, I Can Shine is a new 6-level Primary course built on the unique Shine methodology.

I Can Shine is designed to ensure quality education and equal opportunities for all children, and to build children's English language abilities while simultaneously equipping them with the competences they need to meet the demands of the global world of today and tomorrow.

Choose I Can Shine if:

  • You teach 2 to 3 sessions of English a week.
  • You have classes of children with a diverse range of previous English knowledge who mainly need extra reinforcement and support resources.
  • You have some children in your classes who need more help in tackling the activities.
  • You expect your students to reach A2 level by the end of Primary.

I Can Shine and NEW English Benchmark for Young Learners

Accurately track your students' progress over time

Part of our Connected English Learning Programme

English Benchmark Young Learners provides an independent measure of learner proficiency and formative information to support planning and next steps. As students learn with English Code teachers can use the English Benchmark tests to measure their progress. After students have taken their test, teachers are given detailed recommendations of which lessons to teach next to focus on the areas that need improvement.

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Benchmark test Young Learners

Sample Materials

You can access free samples for I Can Shine materials so you can best see how this course suits your teaching needs. Check them out here:

Pupil's Book

The Pupil's Book provides material to present and practise the key language effectively, following an implicit grammar approach supported with grammar reference at the end of the book.

It is designed with clear lesson objectives and signposting to guide pupils throughout the unit. Helper suggestions support children throughout the unit. Includes Learning Experiences every two units to make learning come to life.

Activity Book

In full colour, the Activity Book provides reinforcement and consolidation of the language and skills presented in the Pupil's Book. Example models are provided for every activity and language learning is supported with a picture dictionary at the end of the book. Includes puzzles and games for fun practice and motivating 'Our World' section to practise language in real life tasks.


Interactive Pupil's Book / Interactive Activity Book

Fully interactive digital versions of the Pupil's Book and Activity Book with integrated interactive activities, audio, video material and gradebook.

Extra Online Practice

Children can revisit stories, songs, videos and games from the course at home, spending additional time with English as well as sharing their achievements with the family.

Online 360° games

Open up a world of engaging content that transports students beyond the classroom inspiring them to explore a panoramic environment and answer quizzes at their own pace to review and consolidate learning from the unit.

Teacher's Book

With detailed step-by-step lesson plans for every lesson, along with ideas for extra activities and games. It also provides a detailed introduction that outlines the methodology, as well as recommendations for effective use of all the course resources.

Also Available


Story Cards


LOMLOE Handy Guide

Includes references to competences, Learning Experiences (Situaciones de Aprendizaje) and Teaching Programmes aligned to the new curriculum and helps teachers navigate through the course to meet the requirements of the New Education Law.


Presentation tool

A complete interactive version of the Pupil's Book and Activity Book with videos, interactive activities and teacher's resources.

Digital resources with external exam preparation material

Includes assignable online homework with automatic grading, a robust assessment pack, all the audio and video for the course in one place, digital versions of posters, flashcards and story cards and extra resources, worksheets and games.

Test Generator

A bank of tests that allows you to create, customise and print your own tests at the right level for your students to check their progress and help to improve performance so that they can reach their full potential.

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